An Amazing Attorney

I was referred to Pam and I really couldn’t have been any happier! It wasn’t just about the results, but more that she was so caring about my personal situation. In my opinion, her work really exemplifies a passion for what she does and not just for the “job”. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She will stand behind you, explain things in a way that you can understand, and she’ll work really hard for you. Bottom line is Pam is amazing!
— Lindsey

Understanding and effective

I needed an attorney who would understand the issues involved in ending a long term abusive marriage, not just the Domestic Violence aspect but also those of divorce where there were few assets. Pam did a very good job representing me given the challenges of dealing with my abuser’s tactics throughout the process along with the emotional issues I, as a survivor of abuse, brought into the process. The divorce process ended up going to trial where Pam argued my case successfully. She did an excellent job negotiating amendments to a satisfactory resolution.

I would recommend Pam. She cares and brings a unique understanding to the difficult process of divorce issues. She understands what matters and what does not and was a good steward for this client.
— Anonymous

Family Law

The first time I have felt good about a lawyer. She instantly made me feel like everything was going to be ok, and not just in that” lawyer money hungry way” She cared.
— Teri

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